Why do you need a Power BI Implementation Partner?

Are you wondering whether you need a Power BI implementation partner or not? You are reading this blog, which means you are searching for the answer. But, before getting your answer, why don’t you know more about this tool and how this can help you understand your business. It might help you understand the need for a Power BI implementation partner and give you genuine insights into this fantastic tool.
Power BI is a business intelligence tool used for data visualizations, learning data, reporting, sharing, and for businesses and their teams. This tool can change the way a user processes and understands the running processes’ analytical data. When this tool works collaboratively with other apps of Microsoft, the capabilities and features become flawless. In simple terms, the Power BI tool helps the users understand and share the data with responsible users of the company. With a better understanding of this tool, all the users can work collaboratively to make the business work smoothly and efficiently.

Top features of Power BI

Several features of Power BI help the users find the exact data to solve various organizational issues. Some of the features of this tool are listed below:

Understanding Data

The data representation of Power BI is easy to understand. Even a novice user can understand the data, insights, actions, and processes. This makes the user prepare the report quickly and build an easy-to-understand report based on shown data.

Integrations with other apps

The Power Bi provides the integration with other Microsoft tools that makes the data understanding and report building seamlessly. 

Ease of Access

Due to Cloud storage, the Power BI can work from anywhere and using any device, like mobile, tablet, or PC. A user can manage and process all the data and insights from a single dashboard using an internet connection. This powerful feature makes the users stay up to date to make accurate decisions on time.

Why use Power BI Services?

With the assistance of Microsoft, there are a number of reasons to choose the Power BI services. Below are some significant reasons to use this tool to help your organization scale and grow.

Access Data Instantly

The Power BI has an easy-to-understand database that makes the users understand the insights without any help from any resource. Even there is no need for training to learn this tool. Most of the data to run a business will be available on the dashboard, like Microsoft Dynamics and Google Analytics.

Seamless Distribution

There is no need to send the data or reports to each user personally, making the whole data distribution bulky. Once a user uploads the data on Power BI Services, it will be automatically updated for all users instantly.
Power BI comes with an inbuild Artificial Intelligence that helps the user process analytics and image recognition. 

Security Features

Not all reports and data are meant for all users of the organization. To deal with this, you can limit the users to see detailed data by applying filters to it. This makes the data secure and relevant for the users.


With the help of Cortana, the users can give certain commands verbally and access the respected reports and insights. The users can speak in their native language to get the needed data. Almost 13 languages available to speak with Cortana make it easy for users to use this assistance.

Why do you need an Implementation Partner?

Implementing software for any organization needs expertise and experience in the respected domain. This is the reason you need Dynamics Square as a Power BI implementation partner. We can help you implement this excellent software with your business and make all the insights and data easy to grasp. 
We have a team of Power BI experts who have been working with several organizations to implement the Dynamics 365 Business Central and Power BI for several businesses. Our Power BI support team has a sheer understanding of Power BI’s planning, implementation, and execution.
Being a Gold vendor partner of Microsoft, we would be delighted to assist you in any issue you face with the Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 Business central, and Power BI. Our team has years of experience, making business an easy task for you. With a proven track record, our team can resolve your issues in some time. With us, you will get the best in the class implementation process and post-installation support without any extra cost.
Need help with the Power BI support? Book a call with Dynamics Square and let us resolve all your Dynamics 365 issues.

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