Why is Roku Remote Blinking Green Light?

People use Roku devices because of their accuracy. It comes with a free Roku remote so users can easily use them. The user comes to panic when Roku remote blinks green light. The primary reason is that the Roku remote is in pairing mode. The blinking green light indicates something is wrong. It is necessary to find out what it is and fix it. The best way is to act immediately and not wait until the situation worsens. 

There is a chance of pairing problems in a remote controller or it is not able to perform its TV control function. It is also necessary for us to know the various reasons for the Roku remote blinking green light.

Reasons for Roku Remote Blinking Green Light

The meaning of blinking green light is there is a problem with a remote. There is a warning notification on your TV screen before or around the time. It is necessary to know it main reason so we can fix them.

Here we discuss the causes of the Roku remote blinking green light

Roku Remote with Low Batteries

The primary reason is the low batteries in the remote. There is a need to check the batteries of the remote. If it is low then it is necessary to change it. Many users things that alkaline batteries work well in Roku remote. We can use high-quality batteries so that it works better.

 Interference of Devices

We can place many wireless devices near Roku devices. There is interference with the Roku remote and the green light blinks. 

Damaged Remote

There does not have to be an issue with Roku TV. The problem is with the remote control. It becomes necessary for us to check whether the remote is working or not. We can quickly fix them so it works properly.

Methods to Fixes Roku Remote Blinking Green Light

When we know the reason for the blinking green light, it becomes simple for us to fix them. Here we check various ways to fix them quickly.

Change the Batteries of the Roku Remote

It becomes necessary for us to change the batteries of the Roku remote. It is also better to use high-quality batteries for the remote. There is a need to read all instructions before changing batteries. After changing batteries, it is necessary to check that it works properly. If the blinking of the green light stops, then it means the problem is in remote batteries.

Remove any Interference

We must place the right devices near Roku TV. If there is a microwave, Bluetooth speaker, and other devices, so change its location. We can avoid placing devices such as cordless phones or speakers, microwaves, wireless headsets, Bluetooth microphones and speakers, and many other things. When there is no interference from devices then the green light blinking of the remote will stop. We can quickly use our Roku TV.

Properly Setup Roku Remote

Sometimes the issue of the remote blinking green light is because of the wrong setup of the Roku remote. Check these steps to set up the remote perfectly.

  • It is essential to connect the remote controller with WiFi network.
  • Now access its remote settings and its display type on the screen.
  • Choose the TV manufacturer and select Yes. 
  • If the system is not able to detect the TV brand then enter manually.
  • Click again on Yes and go to access Roku.

Re–pair Roku Remote

Sometimes there is necessary to re-pair the remote. The process is simple and we quickly do it with the below steps. First, unplug the Roku device.

  • There is a need to open the battery case carefully.
  • We remove batteries from the remote controller.
  • After a few seconds insert the batteries.
  • There is no need to replace its battery cover.
  • Now plug into the Roku device.
  • Hold and press the reset button for a few seconds till the light start blinking.
  • Now replace its battery cover.
  • When the process of system rebooting is complete, then it shows a pairing notice on the screen.
  • It is crucial to read all instructions so that it works perfectly.

Review the HDMI Connection

It is also necessary for us to check HDMI connection is working or not. There is a need to insert HDMI into the right port. If it does not work, then needs to change its port.

Hard Reset

The last step is to perform the hard reset. When we do a hard reset, then it comes to default settings. All its existing setting is removed.

  • First, open the battery slot of the Roku device.
  • It is crucial to remove power cables and batteries.
  • Wait for a few seconds and reconnect its power cable.
  • It also shows on the Roku screen.
  • We can replace its batteries.
  • Remote takes a few seconds to connect with a streaming player.

Wrap Up

It becomes easy for us to follow the above steps to fix the Roku remote blinking green light. We can follow solutions so that we can quickly fix the error. It is also crucial to read instructions carefully so that we perform every step perfectly. Read more block like this on wise article.

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