Why Shooting Free Throws Should Be Easy – How to Improve Them

To help you master this skill, you’ll need to choose a good basketball machine to practice with at home or in the gym. If you’re tired of missing free throws, don’t miss this guide on why shooting free throws should be easy and how to improve them.

Free throws are one of the most important parts of basketball; you can’t play basketball without them. Even though they’re called free throws, they’re anything but free; they require more skill than most parts of the game. They are not always easy to master, and you may struggle when you try to shoot the basketball from the line.

  1. Sweat The Details

Scoring at a high percentage from the free-throw line is mostly a product of muscle memory. In other words, practice specific drills to improve your form and increase your confidence.

The more you practice these individual shooting drills basketball, the better you’ll be able to shoot in real game situations. Take time before every practice or game to focus on improving your free throws. It’s only a matter of time before you’re sinking free throws with ease.

It is crucial to recognize your most significant issue and fix it because if things don’t change, then there’s little chance of improving your overall free throw shooting percentage.

For example, if you find that 75% of your shots are rolling off to one side before going in, then using a ball guide (also known as an alignment line) is for you.

  1. Shooting With a Great Posture

Improving your free throw percentage begins with your mechanics. One of the essential parts of shooting properly is holding yourself in an athletic position.

This requires that you stand tall, shoulders back, chest out, stomach tight (but not overly tightened), and back straight. You don’t want a slouched posture or one that’s overly tense. This can cause injury as well as poor accuracy when shooting free throws.

To ensure you’re always performing at your best, be sure that you are practicing your free throws with proper posture. Doing that will make it easier to focus on your technique while also keeping fatigue out of mind.

If you have poor posture, then every shot will feel harder than it should, leading to bad habits and inaccurate shots. So keep good posture during practice so that everything feels effortless when it matters most.

  1. Fear Of Missing

One primary reason free throw shooting is often so poor is that players are afraid of missing. When there’s fear in your mind, your body won’t react appropriately, and you won’t be able to perform to your potential. Instead, focus on making each free throw and not on missing it.

This way, you can shoot confidently, knowing that if you do miss one, it was because of something other than fear or doubt. Next time you go to practice your free throws, try focusing solely on how much you want to make with each shot rather than thinking about missed shots. Pretend like every free throw shot is for money, and it would be embarrassing for you to miss any of them.

It sounds crazy at first, but nothing will come between you and success at the line when you have confidence in a free throw. The bottom line is simple: shoot like you want to make every shot—even if you’re practicing—and your free throws will improve dramatically.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice is undoubtedly one of the fundamental parts of perfecting your free throw shooting. The more you practice, the more opportunities to make repeated shots.

The catch-22 here is that if you’ve already been playing basketball for a while and consider yourself above average at free throws, it’s likely that going into a gym and practicing your foul shots isn’t enough. You need to mix up your routine, which is where individual shooting drills come in handy.

These drills are designed to help you focus on specific aspects of your shot. For example, you can work on making sure your legs are straight when shooting or improving your follow-through. It may seem like these things would be obvious to do during any practice session, but they often get overlooked due to fatigue or being too busy thinking about other things.

  1. Visualize Success

No matter what level you are at, shooting free throws should be easy. Shooting basketball is something we’ve all done since we were young, and most of us can remember being able to make baskets even if they weren’t that frequent.

However, once you’re older, it seems a lot harder—and when playing in front of other people, it isn’t very comfortable when you cannot make a free throw when everyone else is on their feet cheering for your success.

But why does shooting become harder? Why does it seem so much more complicated than it used to be? Most importantly, how do you get back up that ladder and return to an easy form that makes sinking those shots easy again?

The answer lies in your confidence level. When you shoot with confidence, things tend to go well. When you don’t have confidence, every shot becomes like trying to hit the water from across a lake with rocks. It doesn’t matter how good of a shooter you are—you won’t be able to sink them unless you have complete faith in yourself and your abilities.


Regardless of what level of basketball you play, free throws are still a very important part of your game. Although it may not seem like it, the best shooting drills for basketball can improve free throws. These simple tips will show you how to improve your free throw percentage.

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