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Why Should You Invest in a Social Proof App to Boost Your Conversions in 2022?

read this for a detailed guide on how to use social proof apps and grow your online store. Plus, you don't need to spend a lot of money to implement it effectively. Let's get started!

When it comes to e-commerce, social proof apps are one of the most powerful marketing tools that significantly increase the level of conversion and increase trust. Large brands such as Amazon, Mailchimp, Airbnb, and many others use social proof on their site. The use of social proof apps takes various forms, from customer reviews to the endorsements by celebrities.

The impact of social proofs on consumer behaviour cannot be denied. But the question is, how? How is this method so effective? How can it be so popular? And how can social proof apps boost your sales?

If you are trying to find the answers? Then, read this for a detailed guide on how to use social proof apps and grow your online store. Plus, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to implement it effectively. Let’s get started!

What is social proof?

First, let me give you a brief explanation of the definition of social proof.

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon in which other people’s opinions and actions affect one’s own way of behaviour and thinking.

This means consumers want evidence from the familiars and people who are not biassed. The best way to understand this is to see some real-life examples that you might encounter:

  •       Shops often post images of celebrities that use their products to notify the prospect that high authority figures are also trusting the brand.
  •       Restaurants often ask people to wait outside for a table so the long lines are formed. As a result, passing people believe that restaurants are very in demand and want to visit in the future.

As you can see, social proof apps are around us. And when you are a marketer or shop owner, it’s important to start using it on your website. When used correctly, the ncrypted product Gprove can drastically skyrocket the level of conversion and attract more customers.


What are the Benefits of Using Social Proof Apps?

Basically, there are three benefits to use social proof apps in e-commerce stores can bring:

Trust effect

82% buyers read online reviews to research about business or product before making a purchase. And if you are a new business, social proof is an important factor that can affect the buyer’s decision.

Bandwagon effect

Social proofs make people copy other people’s actions when meeting an unknown situation. For example, Books with more than one million copies sold always attract more readers. For eCommerce, 76% of consumers trust the recommendations given by their friends and family.

Authority effect

Companies with testimonials from other companies or respected experts often have more authority. Through the social proof of famous figures, new stores can quickly become a respected name in this industry.

Social proofs work by utilising instincts of other people’s actions in an unknown situation. That is why social proof apps are very useful for e-commerce companies to build trust, add credibility, and destroy obstacles between brands and customers.

Provide a finer form of marketing

It provides resources for your customers versus creating an ad campaign.  Customers often respond well for marketing that comes in the form of tools for their benefits.

Increase your SEO ranking

In addition to building brand awareness and fostering trust between you and your customers, social proof can also help improve your search engine optimization or SEO.

Improve your social media marketing plan

This versatile marketing form is suitable for content marketing. As part of social media marketing strategies, social evidence works best when shared through all your social platforms. Consider using social media tools to streamline the way you enter social proof into your social media marketing.

7 Sure-fire Ways to Use Social Proof Apps that will Boost Your ROI

1. Show recommendations on your homepage

Consumer feedback is an effective way to build trust in a product or company. They’re most effective when you can use images of real customers, and since 84% of people reduce reviews older than 3 months, make sure they’re up to date.

2. Display of prices and industry ratings

Displaying the rating along with industry awards gives you strong brand credibility. This is especially important for products with new and disruptive features that customers cannot evaluate online.

3. Add customer reviews to product pages

According to a study by the Spiegel Research Center, 95% of customers say they read reviews before making a purchase. So, by placing the reviews above what is visible on the product page, ecommerce and retail sites can create a more focused customer journey.

4.    Create urgency by emphasising demand

Many e-commerce sites want customers to book as early as possible, so they often use FOMO notifications by social proof apps. Such FOMO notifications indicate limited ticket availability. In addition, sites like emphasise the number of people who viewed the offer. The page counter or features like FOMO notification can be added to your site just by installing the Social Proof app. The popularity indicator shows how many people viewed an offer or made a purchase recently.

5.    Use sales pop notifications.

Notifications about “New Sold” – also called “Sales” – turn an inert page into an active area and increase your visitors. Thus, they restore real shopping immediacy.

6.    Highlight popular options to prevent choice paralysis

Buyers are often faced with unmanageable choices. The choice paradox that occurs when we have so many choices that it becomes difficult to make a choice can overwhelm us. It can even stop us from making a purchase. To avoid overstocking, stores like Walmart create a default option by marking popular items. These tags help customers understand collections more easily, and stores lose fewer sales due to selection paralysis.

7.    Giving a recommendation notifications like “People who bought this also bought”

Social proof apps can increase your conversion rate and ROI too. Ecommerce websites use the “people are also watching this” element to provide more accurate product recommendations. This recommendation has added the impact of being apparently approved by others. An alternative strategy is by grouping products, you can display the message “People who bought this also bought…” on product pages and in the shopping cart.

Final Verdict – Start Using Social Proof App Now!

Social proof is a relatively cost-effective investment and can seriously increase your conversion to a great ROI.

Moreover, Social proof app is a Win-Win online marketing tool for you and your customers. Used correctly, social proof strategies can increase your conversion rate, help you avoid cart abandonment and build trust in your brand. Buyers can easily make decisions based on information based on reviews given by their friends, colleagues and industrial experts.

Social proof is an award-winning tactic that every marketer must implement to help customers feel confident in their purchasing decisions and ultimately produce more satisfied customers and encourage conversions.

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