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Why You Should Choose Hox Park as Your Student Housing in Egham

Egham – this is the name of a university town located in the Borough of Runnymede in Surrey, England. The campus of Royal Holloway, University of London is 2 km (1 mile) to the west of Egham town center.
Egham also has historical significance. The town was first settled in the Bronze Age. During most of the part of the Middle Ages, it was under the control of Chertsey Abbey. Today, it is popular for many purposes. A number of travelers come to this town to get the sightsee of its landmarks.
Many students also come here for getting a university education. Therefore, there is good availability of the places for student accommodation Egham.
Hox Park is one of the best examples of student accommodations in Egham. A wide range of amenities are available here due to which it is considered as their place of stay by many students.
Let’s have a look at some of the reasons to consider booking accommodation in Hox Park.

It Offers All the Major Types of Student Housing

In Hox Park, all the major types of student accommodations are available. The major accommodations that are popular in the United Kingdom today are apartments, studios, and ensuite rooms. All these types of units can be found here. Therefore, the students find a lot of choices at this place.
But, the choices for students do not end here. These three types of accommodations are further classified into subcategories. So, you have vast choices. However, you find only one category in apartments. The accommodations available here are subcategorized into the following types.Apartments: 4-Bed Apartment.
Studios: Studio, Premium Studio, Premium Plus Studio, Luxury Studio, and Luxury Plus Studio.
Ensuite Rooms: Ensuite and Ensuite Plus.
Perfect Study Arrangements Are Available Here
Many times, you may need some place where you could do the disturbance-free study. It is an utmost requirement especially when the exams are near or on your exam days. This is why a dedicated study room is provided to the students in this place.
In addition to this, the students also get a set of study table and chair in a study space in their ensuite rooms, apartments, or studios. Therefore, the students can study comfortably and with full concentration.

Arrangement for Fitness of Students Is Also Here

For the healthy body of the students, which further results in a healthy mind, there is a gym at the property. The gym has all the equipment for different types of workouts.
If you are willing to do workouts for bodybuilding then you find the appropriate exercise machines for that. On the other hand, if you need the exercises just to stay fit or keep your body in shape, then also you find the appropriate workout machines here.

Wi-Fi Internet Is Also Provided at This Property

Wi-Fi internet connection for connecting the internet to your laptops and smartphones is also available here. The Wi-Fi here provides high-speed and uninterrupted internet signals as compared to your mobile data internet connection.
Moreover, Wi-Fi makes it very easy for you to connect the internet to your laptops. WhatsApp chat, social media, online shopping, projects & assignments, online lectures, and all other internet-related tasks can be accomplished easily through Wi-Fi.

Car-Parking Arrangement Is Also Available

The residents who keep their own cars can be sure about the safety of their vehicles at this property. There is a car-parking arrangement here.
TVs inside the Apartments, Ensuite Rooms, and Studios
Inside the ensuite rooms, apartments, and studio, the arrangement for the students’ entertainment is also available. There is a TV in each unit. Therefore, the students can get entertainment through TV shows. Moreover, they can also enhance their knowledge by watching the channels like Discovery and National Geographical. In addition, they can stay updated with the current affairs through the new channels.
Apart from everything, the sports and music lover residents can get entertained with the sports and music channels.
Students Get Full Arrangement of Cooking, Heating, Storing, Cooling, and Freezing inside Kitchens
There are fully equipped kitchens in all the units, where the students get the necessary arrangements for their dining. A cooking hob, a microwave, and an oven are available here for the residents to cook their favorite dishes as well as to heat the eatables.
Besides, there is also a fridge to store the eatables to keep them fresh, cool the water, and freeze the ice & ice creams.

Hox Park Offers Security to Students

You can be sure about the security of yourself and your belongings at Hox Park. Secure door entry is available here for the security of students’ belongings. Moreover, CCTV cameras are installed at the property so no suspicious activity can be hidden from the sight of security staff.

Final Thoughts

Hox Park offers everything according to modern-day students’ requirements. Other than the above-mentioned ones, you will get many more things of your interest after reaching this place of accommodation.

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