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Window Graphics: The Secret to Boosting Your Business

Window Graphics: The Secret to Boosting

Window graphics can play an important role in your business’s success, but some business owners don’t know how to use them properly. If you want your window graphics to attract more customers and drive more sales, these tips will help you get the most out of your window graphics.


Once you have your graphics up, how will you know if they’re effective? Consider asking customers who walk past your business or drive by in a car. Try offering a free product or service with a unique code (e.g., Come in for a 15% discount on our newest menu item). Now if they mention it to their friends or family members, you can follow up and get more information about why they came in and what prompted them to make that decision.


Window graphics are a form of marketing with a difference. Instead of using advertising space on your shop front, van or vehicle, you have your logo imprinted onto window stickers that can be applied quickly and easily. This process is great for companies who want to promote their brand but don’t want visible adverts stuck onto their vehicles or shop fronts which could deter customers from entering. With window graphics printing services, it is also possible to change your designs at any time meaning companies can benefit from improved flexibility when it comes to boosting their business. HOW DO WINDOW GRAPHICS WORK? There are two main types of window graphic available – static and digital.


Vinyl window graphics, also known as decals, are an affordable and effective way to enhance your storefront’s windows. There are many different materials available in today’s market, so it’s important that you understand their characteristics before making a purchase. To find out more about types of vinyl window graphics and other useful information regarding its application, read on! In addition, we’ll provide a list of tools that will make it easier for you apply window graphics correctly.


There are three types of window graphic that you can use for your business. With each one, you’ll want to aim for high visibility. Make sure all of your text is easily readable and not blocked by a tree or building.

Transparent films:

Are you struggling with how to advertise your company? Tired of lugging around a bunch of window signage every time you want to change things up? Transparent films might be just what you need.

Translucent films:

Translucent films give your images a see-through effect. This is ideal for businesses that want their advertisements on display when it’s dark, like at night or during a football game.

Perforated films:

Perforated window films, or perforated graphics, are a popular form of business advertisement. This type of film allows light in while also showcasing your business name and logo prominently to passing traffic.

Opaque films:

If you want to create your own branded graphics, opaque films are a cost-effective way of doing so. They’re also versatile and can be used in window, backlit or wall vinyl applications.

Crystal films:

Customized window graphic applied to your storefront windows will bring in more customers and help you stand out from competitors.


There are three main styles of window graphic, and each one can benefit your business in a different way. These styles include printed vinyl, clear graphics that go on top of glass windows and printed film. Whether you choose from one or all three styles, window graphic will provide your business with that extra bit of color and clarity that can take your marketing campaign to a whole new level.


Window graphics are a great investment for many business owners because they’re affordable, highly effective and super simple to use. By posting window graphic in front of your store or office, you can boost brand awareness and get noticed by local customers. Here are just a few reasons why window graphics are so beneficial…


Window graphics are flexible enough that they can be customized for just about any business, whether you’re a dentist, real estate agent or a café. Using window graphic will boost your exposure and presence in your community.

Built-in advertising:

If you don’t want to design your own graphic, look for a graphic designer who can incorporate existing logos or images in window graphic.

Timely messages:

Posters and window graphic with timely messages can encourage repeat traffic into your business.

Greater privacy:

Window graphics are a great way of keeping your business’s interiors private, without breaking any laws. People can’t simply wander up and peer into your shop or office – it looks closed!


If you’re a small business owner, are you getting all of your customers’ attention? One way to do that is with window graphic. These vinyl graphics placed on windows can serve as powerful attention-grabbers for passersby.


You’re paying for a three-year lease on your vehicle. Over that time period, adding vinyl graphics will cost you less than per month.

Weather resistance:

Window graphics are one of your few options if you’re looking for a long-term, weather-resistant solution. They last through rain, sleet and snow and won’t be bothered by ultra-violet rays from sunlight.

Improved appearance:

Window graphic are a great way to improve your business’s appearance. Choose any design that complements your company’s aesthetic, and make sure that it advertises a product or service, not just your business name.

How much do window graphics cost?

Window graphics can cost anywhere from for a small vinyl sticker up or more for a large wall mural. It all depends on factors like size, complexity and material. Many printing companies also offer custom quotes tailored specifically to your business’s needs, so you’ll want to inquire about that before your purchase.

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