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Wireless Router Modem Buying Guide

Wireless router modem

With the formation of the virtual world and progress in this field, the audience of this space is increasing every day, and today cyberspace and the use of Instagram platforms, etc. has become a platform for people to have fun and entertainment, and of course cyberspace, except that it is a place for fun. And spending time is a great

space to earn money, and many people on the platforms of Instagram and YouTube are earning a very good income from this space by producing educational video content, humor, etc.

But to connect to the virtual world and access the Internet, we will need a device called a modem router. We are all well acquainted with this name, and certainly today in every home there will be a modem router to establish a

virtual world. Because without a router modem, it will not be possible to establish high-speed Internet, so many people are confused when buying a modem and can not make the right choice, so we decided to provide a

comprehensive shopping guide for modems. We will provide your service router to your friends so that you can have a suitable choice, so stay with us until the end of this article.

What is a router modem?

The main function of the modem is to communicate with the Internet, and the router also has the task of distributing the Internet between several devices. One of the capabilities of the router is that it finds the best way

to connect your device with other networks, and most Models that are produced and available in the market today have the capability of routers

Types of modems

ADSL modems have two types of wireless and wired. Models with wires are the same as older modems that were connected to the device via two USB and LAN ports, and due to the arrival of smartphones and lack of support

for this Phones have gradually lost their popularity for connecting to the Internet, and people have moved to wireless modems with Wi-Fi capability. Wireless models make it possible to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, and

you can easily connect multiple devices Connect to the Internet and today these modems are very popular due to their high performance.

Important points when buying a router modem

Number of ports

Modems have different models in terms of number of ports. These ports allow your device to connect to the

Internet with a cable, and you can connect several devices to the Internet at the same time via cable. If you are

one of the people who connect to the Internet through LAN, pay attention to the desired number of modem

ports when buying.

Number of antennas

Modems also have different models in terms of the number of antennas. Models that have multiple antennas

have more coverage and higher data transfer speeds. They also use multi-antenna modems for companies and

places with a lot of space. Single or double antenna models are suitable for home use.

Supported frequency

When buying, pay attention to the supported frequency of the modem. Modems have two types of frequencies:

2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Frequency power will have a direct impact on your internet speed, and modems with a

frequency of 5 GHz have a higher internet speed, although the model 2.4 GHz will cover more space.

Firewall capability

Another important feature is the presence of a firewall system in the modem. This feature increases your security

when using the modem, so pay attention to having this feature when buying a modem, because security is one of

the main factors in Communication.


Pay attention to the product warranty when buying and buy a router modem with a valid warranty. This warranty

basically guarantees the quality of the modem and relieves you of the thought of replacing it if it is damaged

Check the security of the modem

The security of this device is very important, considering that computers, laptops and phones contain personal information and are connected to the Internet world through modems. Modems that support the DOCSISS version give you the assurance that they will be protected when you send or receive information.

Regarding cable modems, the shared cable network has its own vulnerabilities, so it is best to purchase a cable modem that complies with data privacy rules. Make sure that the modem of your choice is equipped with a WPS (WiFi Security Guarantee) system. In addition, note the following

Advanced Encryption Standard;
Secure access to Wi-Fi (WPA) network

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